Insurance Consulting

Our Value Proposition

We will deliver to you the highest quality property and casualty insurance programs and strategic planning consultation services in a manner that is most suitable to achieving your business goals. We promise to identify activities that drive claim frequency and severity, and implement an action plan to contain losses. We will identify training needs and provide onsite assistance to actively address loss sources and promote a safe work environment for your employees.

Plan Implementation

Securing the best insurance package for your business begins with planning. Analyzing all your risks is critical to successful implementation of your property and casualty insurance programs, while conversations with employees, managers and vendors will uncover areas that need additional attention. Corporate Risk Management, Inc. will partner with you by providing ongoing assistance, consultation and service that will help you control your insurance expenses and promote workplace safety.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Coverage Explanation
  • Limit Assessment
  • Loss Control
  • Data Analysis
  • Training and Education
  • Safety Committee Development/Support
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • Mod Verification/Projections
  • Injury Review
  • Ergonomics
  • Claims Alignment
  • Cost Containment Strategies
  • Claim Reserve Review
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